Monday, January 28, 2008

Birthday love

For some reason it always feels like it's my came again today and I enjoyed every minute. This morning I went to breakfast with grandma and grandpa styll, mom and aunt Jamie. Such fun! We went to Rockwells, I hadn't been there since the morning of our rehearsal dinner...made me really miss the rest of my family. I miss all of my Tennesseans! This afternoon mom and I spent the day shopping and we met up with Chris for lunch at Panera. mmm! Tonight mom and dad took us out to one of our family favorites....Mr. Stox. It is always a good time there with amazing food. Chris and I are truly blessed with an incredible family and group of friends. It's been a wonderful day...Love you dear family and friends....thank you for all your calls, cards and texts.
Much love
My Birthday Kitten

We're so photogenic....ha!

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