Saturday, January 26, 2008


Chris and I have had a great weekend. Last night we went to dinner with the Groggers to my favorite, Shiki! Good times with great friends. Today I was at a baby shower for a great family friend who just adopted a sweet baby girl and Chris went golfing with Jack and Luke Grogger. Tonight Megan is at the winter formal, her first dance! I don't know how she is old enough to go to those things...I feel like that was just me. It's amazing how time flies....We tagged along and took pictures of the group. Love my kindred kids.

PS. I just called Pops and he is really down. He wants to go home and now has a staff infection in his leg..they have been giving him too much pain medicine so hes been a little out of it. Please pray for him....:)

Sisters and Best friends

Megan and Garrett

My kids!

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