Saturday, January 19, 2008

good times..

We have had the best weekend up in Arrowhead with my family. Chris, Riley and I arrived at the house around 8pm last night and pretty much crashed into bed. Riley was the best little passenger....not a peep! Well once but that's when we went through KFC and got us some fried chicken.
We slept in until 8am which is amazing for us! Chris and I headed off to the Arrowhead village in search of a barber because he was long over due for a hair cut. There are apparently no barbers up here but we managed to find a salon. Ha! I thought Chris was going to die when we walked in and asked to get his hair cut....$30 later he looks amazing! (He's used to paying $7) Mom and dad met us up at the Village and spent a couple hours shopping....we all left with some great buys! We also went to the best bakery in town! I am obsessed with the cinnamon you can see Chris and I were fighting over who got the frosting!! We went back to our cabin and the boys smoked cigars (they tried last night and had to cut it short due to the 30 degree weather) and mom and I took Riley outside to play in the snow. I'll post some pics.
Megan and Flo (aka Melissa Samsvick) goofed off all day in the snow while mom and I tried to beat dad and Chris at Sequence but failed miserably. Man, I hate losing at games! We all went to an awesome Mexican restaurant back at the village and had another memorable time there. I will not go into detail but it was awesome :)
Here we are, it's 9:20pm and we're all in jammies...Chris and I just got our butts kicked at Skip-Bo by mom and dad....I think it's time to call it a day. I've been running up and down the 3 flights of stairs here trying to find internet to write this dang blog. I'm out of breath and out of shape...oh yes, it's been a wonderful day and we are looking forward to tomorrow. Enjoy some of our pics.
I would have posted more except my camera battery died..dang!
Lots of love!

My snow baby....

Tough Guys

He loves game night...


Megan and Flo at dinner

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