Wednesday, January 23, 2008


We love the rain. It is so wonderful...there is nothing like laying in bed all snugly and hearing the rain pitter patter outside. Love it!! So a little update.....Pops is going in for his surgery tomorrow (Thursday). I called him this morning thinking it was today but they moved it back to tomorrow so they could monitor him today to make sure he is strong enough. Please continue to keep him in your prayers....he really appreciates them.
Chris and I went to the Flame Bible study tonight at church. It is so awesome and such a great thing for us. It is led by our good friend Jack Grogger who I worked with for the past couple years...he was the high school pastor and recently stepped down. He is also a fire chief in San Diego and the Anaheim Angels Chaplin. Anyway, he is an amazing teacher and we love going to the mid-week service he does. If you're looking for a place to get plugged in-tag along with us on Wednesday nights!
We are on our knees for many of our friends and family who are going through some trying things that life has sent their way, know that we are praying for you!!
Love you!

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