Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Yesterday we got a call that Pops was taken back to the hospital due to septicemia (an infection that gets in the blood and is very serious). His heart was also all over the place and his coloring was gray. I am a worrier, especially when someone I love isn't doing well. Times like these are great reminders to never give up on God and to never stop praying. I found myself in a "drought with my prayer life" when Pops was doing well. Here I am again on my knees praying every minute I can for God to heal my Pops and keep Grandma strong. I am never going to give up on Christ, He has a perfect plan for each of our lives and we're not sure what He is doing with Pops but we do trust that he is where God wants him and us right now. Completely dependent on Christ.
Thank you for the prayers...
We appreciate them more than anything.

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