Saturday, February 16, 2008

Solvang, Day 2

It was a beautiful day in Solvang. We went to a little bakery for breakfast.
(The whole time I was thinking of Grandma and Grandpa Styll, I was at the same bakery with them about 8 years ago!) I had a Danish was a small little sugared pastry filled with whipped cream and raspberry filling. mmm. and Chris had a lemon boat. Very tasty. We walked around the city some more and came back to rest.
We found this little yummy market in Santa Ynez that had an amazing bbq going.
Chris got a tri tip sandwich that was out of this world! After lunch we went to Alisal Ranch. We had to, after hearing my family talk about it for years about what a wonderful place it is we went to check it out for ourselves. It is beautiful there and a great place for families. After Alisal we went back to the hotel to catch a few more zzzz's and then went back into Santa ynez to a little coffee shop that was so cute! I was craving some sweets from the bakery and walked out with fresh bread and cheese made in solvang along with a couple bottles of wine. I'm not sure what happened to my sweets but I have not gotten my fix. One pasty this whole weekend! Maybe I've only had one because being here makes you feel so fat, seeing these bakeries everywhere and all the smells...makes you feel like you've tried every one. Chris and I keep talking about how fat we feel here...time to leave!
Tonight we went to this sweet little cottage just up the road and had a wonderful one hour couples Swedish massage. That was our valentines gift to each other. It was sooo nice, we are so mellow and feel amazing right now. It took us back to being in Jamaica and our honeymoon. Kinda crazy that it was only 4.5 months ago. We decided to go to the casino just up the road after the massages (and cheese, crackers and wine) and boy was that a bad idea. Chris and I do not like to lose at things and especially when it comes to money. We lost $52 and I was not happy about that.

So here we are, back at the Best Western still mellow and sleepy having some more local wine and cheese. mmmm. Life is good.

Please continue to pray for Pops. He is really sick. Double pneumonia, an infection where his leg was amputated, an infection in his kidney, he is on 6 different antibiotics. I hate seeing him is the worse thing ever. He is on oxygen so I can't talk to him on the phone now :( Really bums me out. I trust that the Lord is taking care of him.

Getting ready to set out for the day...

My favorite bakery!


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