Sunday, February 10, 2008


Friday night is our favorite time of the week. The weekend is here and that means we get 2 full days together. Ever since Chris has started his new job where he doesn't have to work weekends anymore we set aside those 2 days for us and go off and do whatever we feel like doing. For the past couple weeks it has been hiking. We go all over Yorba Linda with no clue where we're at and always seem to find our way home....3 miles later. There was however no exploring this weekend, by foot anyway.
Yesterday we went to visit Pops. It was so good to see him, it had almost been a month! He is hanging in there and by that I mean I have no clue how he is really doing. It seems like there are so many things wrong with him and he doesn't even know half of them. It's really frustrating to be there with him and ask why his arm is 2x the size it should be and noone has even checked on it. I took him some sugar free snacks to try to cheer him up and to get some weight on him. It's not right that he weighs less than me!
Chris and I spent the rest of the day out in the front yard gardening. I planted a ton of flowers and dug up a bunch of old shrubs and weeds. It looks soo beauuuutiful out there now. Chris also re-did our water main and put on some new and improved valve thing that took all afternoon. Check out Riley, he watched Chris all afternoon out his window.. he was very upset that we left him inside.

Last night we went to a Valentines Dinner at church. It was such an awesome night. We got there an hour late but made it just in time for dinner! God has been so good to us....we are forever thankful for all He has done and is doing in our life.

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