Thursday, March 27, 2008

Seattle and Nashville bound!

Chris and I are going to Seattle in August to see his family and play around around downtown for a few days then from there we are going to fly to Nashville for 5 days to see my family and celebrate Chris' 27th birthday! Mom, dad and Megan are also going to fly out and play with us!
You have no clue how excited I am right now, Chris is pretty excited about it too! I think he's most excited about hanging out with my awesome cousins, drinking beer, fishing, smoking cigars out by the pool, fire flies, good wine, going off roading, and of course shooting of some huge fire crackers. I am so excited to see both of our families and for the food!! I think I need to start losing weight so I don't feel so bad about eating at all the amazing places....Cracker Barrel anyone? Loveless Cafe.....HRH Dumplings? Cancun? Ok, enough. I'm excited.
Good night.

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