Sunday, March 9, 2008

Sunday night

It's been a great weekend. It started off with a double date night with mom and dad Parker on Friday. We went to Blue Agave in Yorba Linda, so good! We're all fans and can't wait to go back! Yesterday Chris and I got a ton done on the house, he worked on the front patio and got our new hose reel up along with our new bench. So exciting! It's all coming together. I spent the WHOLE day painting the new doors. I am so over painting.
Two rooms are complete and I have 2 more to paint tomorrow, then we have to order the last 4.
We have also decided to re-arrange the living room to add more seating so we are in the furniture shopping business again for a big comfy chair and a corner piece. It never ends!
I know you're not supposed to love things, but I really do love our house. It is a complete gift from God and everyday I thank Him for what we have.
This evening we went over to my parents house and had a BBQ with grandma and grandpa styll. It was an awesome time, I love those times together. I am so thankful for the amazing family that God has blessed me with!
This is a little off topic but I have a prayer request....a couple of them actually! Chris is in the process of looking for a new job, we have found ourselves stressing over this and praying continually for God to bring a peace to our hearts and He has. We are just kind of waiting to see what the Lord has planned for him and what door He is going to open. We're really excited/nervous/anxious/ready but we know and trust that the Lord's timing is perfect!
Also, for my job.....I have been there for over 2 years and have always loved it! I love what I do, I'm just really struggling with who I work with. There seems to be a road block and I feel like my passion for the ministry is being snuffed out by things that have been happening. It is my hearts desire to stay the course and continue to do what I do but in a way it seems impossible. Our prayer is that God will make it clear with what I am supposed to do and that He will continue to use me where I am.
So I guess you could say that we kind of feel like we're wondering around in a desert not sure where to go and running low on fuel.
I have always said and trust that the Lord's timing is perfect and nothing happens outside of His will. We trust in that and thank you in advance for your prayers. :)

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