Friday, March 28, 2008


We love Fridays! This afternoon Chris, dad and I went out to visit grandma and took her to lunch. We had a great visit. We all went back afterwards and did a big cleaning job at her house.
Chris and I are feeling a little lazy right now so we're going to watch our new movies and have some ice-cream sundaes in bed. That is after the police leave our house. We went to get in his truck tonight and discovered that the passenger door was unlocked and when I got in I noticed a huge hole, some punks stole his stereo system. I was bummed out for him but he doesn't care at all, after all it is just a thing. We're more concerned for our safety and the safety of other peoples "things" so he reported it and we are having the sheriffs make more of a presence in here. The break in did not happen inside our neighborhood, it was the street above. I pray that God convicts those stupid punks!!
Movie time....I'll update more tomorrow.

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