Thursday, April 24, 2008


to the best mom in the whole entire world!!! I'm not going to say how old she is but she's definitely not 50 yet! :) Yesterday we did lots of celebrating....she went to lunch with her office and I tagged along since her boss loves me and invited me. We went to Zov's and had an amazing lunch and dessert. Chris and I met up with mom, dad and meg for dinner at Wood Ranch. That is definitely a family favorite. I'm sad to say that the pics we took are not blogable. They would all kill me and have this blog shut down if I put them up here so I'm sorry you too aren't able to see what I had to put up with all night.
Everyone came back to our house after dinner for cake and games (the guys ditched us to smoke cigars.) They're rude like that. I worked so hard on the cake I made for mom and it just didn't turn out very pretty. It is a German chocolate cake filled with carmel and toffee. Sounds good huh? It was, I loved it and still have a ton left...but I will never make it again because my family named it the "hoo cake". You know like the hooos in hoo-ville. If that is not the biggest dis ever!
We had a great time celebrating and one day when I need revenge against mom I will post the most hilarious video ever. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM! We love you!

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