Friday, April 11, 2008

it's been fun.

We are on our 8th and final night here in Corona Del Mar. It has been an absolute blast and a joy to be able to take care of this beautiful home and gooshie animals. I am so in love with them, its going to be hard to leave them tomorrow. I'm just going to pack them in the Jeep and take them home to add to our crazy family.
Anyway, today was beautiful. Perfect weather, perfect everything! Chris and I slept in a little and then went and had a play day at the beach. After sunning ourselves for a while we went to Balboa to walk around the rest of the island we missed on Sunday and grabbed a bite to eat for lunch. We came back to the house to rest for a little bit and then spent the evening at Fashion Island. It was a much better experience that it was on Monday! We had fun shopping together, eating, picking out things for the house and just enjoying one each others company. There was a showing on the house this evening so that's why we left. -this house is for sale :( -
I think the sun took every ounce of energy out of us today so we were pretty much bums for the rest of the evening. We went to the park and took Lily for a nice run again, I'm going to miss getting all the exercise with her every night. We ended the night with another game of Skip-Bo (of course) and I actually won! Chris is over the game now-losing two nights in a row, now he knows how I feel! Lily sat outside with us while we played and the cats were going crazy that we left them inside, check out this hilarious clip. (this is what we have dealt with all week.)

I love that Lily face!!


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