Monday, April 28, 2008

mom and me

Today was awesome. I spent the day with mom...we went to the Brea mall and once we got there we decided we weren't in the mood to shop. It was way too hot! We went to Babies R Us and had a blast shopping for an up-coming baby shower.(No, it's not for me!) After our shopping spree we went over to some new model homes by us in Yorba Linda that were so beautiful! Chris and I went to see them on Saturday and I had to take mom because she loves them like I do. Got some great ideas! Then we found this neighborhood that was the most beautiful neighborhood we have ever seen! It was incredible and I wish we had had a video camera in the car with us. It was hilarious-our jaws were down the whole time and every two seconds we were yelling "oh my gosh, look at this one!" It really was ridiculous, just too bad we don't have an extra 3,000,000 laying around. Dang it.
Tonight we went to mom and dads for dinner, it had been a while since we were there. It's always a blast, we had chicken and beer and then took a hot tub. Family is the best and we are so blessed.

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