Sunday, April 6, 2008

Sun day.

Today was a perfect day. It was a little weird not going to church at all but we needed a day to relax and have no agenda. We tried our best to sleep in but with a huge golden retriever who likes to sleep in the bed with you and two crazy kittens...its a little hard. We took Lily for a run this morning then headed off to Balboa which is only 5 min from the house. We walked around the whole island, got some breakfast and coffee then took the ferry over to the fun zone area, walked all over, had lunch, walked some more then went back home to lay down for a bit. I laid out in the yard with Lily until Chris came out and took me to the beach. I forget how close it all is to us was so beautiful!!! I got lots and lots of sun! We are totally drained from it.
Tonight we went to the restaurant "Bandera" on've probably seen it, its the one with the rotisserie chickens on the spit. It was wonderful!!! A great way to end such a perfect day!

There's my husband, way out there looking for sea creatures!

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