Saturday, May 10, 2008


Today was nothing but pure FUN! It started out with going to the Farmers Market in Yorba Linda this morning with my love, we are big time fans!
This afternoon mom and I went to a baby shower for Stephanie who is about to pop any day with her sweet baby girl Kylie Joy!

Tonight was the best!!! Mom, dad, meg, flo, chris and I went to the Michael Buble' concert at the Pond. It was so amazing. We went with my parents neighbors who have a suite and had an incredible night. The guy is amazing.
Chris had no clue who he was even though I made sure a ton of his songs were played at our wedding. I don't know how some people don't know who he is. Chris enjoyed himself immensely and is now a fan also. Tonight was the finale of his American tour so it was really special. Look up the song, "Quando, quando, quado". My favorite song ever.
It has been such an awesome and uplifting day to which we are thankful for!!

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