Sunday, May 4, 2008


Sometimes I feel like a house cleaner, gardner, maid, chef, CFO, entertainer, laundromat....the list goes on... but I love it. Being a wife is awesome. I love the duties that are given to us and the responsibilities that come with it. We always have people in and out of our house whether its for dinner, dessert or just to hang out. I love having people over and being able to serve them. Sadly, Chris has his friends over a lot more than I have mine over (but that is changing now that they're done with school!) Tonight our good friend Carlos was over (still is). I love that guy, he is like a big brother to me and a boyfriend to Chris. They've been out smoking cigars, playing tennis and having their guy time while I stay inside and bake. I just made us some yummy pizookies. Like I said earlier, friends are awesome. Good friends and good food. Life is gooood!


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