Saturday, May 17, 2008

family time.

It's been a long but great day! We started the day in the Urgent Care because my foot swelled up and was extremely painful to where I couldn't walk. It is infected from the puncture of the palm tree needle that got stuck in it last night. I'm on some great pain meds so it's all good now.
Chris and I did a progressive dinner tonight (which was his idea) with his cousin and his wife and his sister and her husband. We had a great time together being at each others houses...they are all doing such an awesome job fixing them up. It was a great idea and we are doing it again in a couple weeks with more friends of ours! Woohoo!

This bird was so hilarious, she loves men and would not leave ours alone. I had a huge laugh attack over it. The funny thing is Chris is scared to death of birds.

Halo was all over Rada

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