Friday, May 9, 2008

One down.

So thankful this week is over with! We made it! Just a couple more weeks to get through! Today started with Mops, I had a ton of little babies to take care of which was so fun and the best part was my girlfriend Sarah brought her sweet baby boy in and I had him all morning. I got my baby fix.
Mom, Chris and I spent the afternoon together which was fun. Tonight Chris and I went to Brea Mall for no reason at was the first time ever we walked out of there with spending $0.00 amazing. We went to the pet store there and fell in love with this little guy.

He would fit right in with Riley. For some reason we are attracted to big puffy white things.

Ah, I really want to open up and be able to write down what we are going through. The sad thing is, I can't. This is our personal blog and we should be able to be open and transparent on here for our family an friends. Unfortunately there are people out there that we can't trust and therefore we aren't able to share. One day, we will. God's will WILL be done and we pray it's soon!!

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