Monday, June 2, 2008

The Lord is our strength.

I have been completely broken today. I'm not writing this for anyone to feel bad for us or anything along those lines. The kind of brokenness we have is one that has brought us to our knees before the Lord. We are honestly at a place in our life that neither of us have ever been before. It is most the amazing feeling yet one of the scariest and at the same time we are so thankful for it. Everything that we "own" does not belong to us, it is the Lords. He gives and takes away and we are thankful. This morning I went to Bible study, it was our first one and its a small group filled with the most incredible Goldy women I have ever met (my mom being one of them!). It was so refreshing being there even though I cried the whole time. We are learning about the Holy Spirit and I totally felt Him there this morning. Those women prayed over me all morning. I can't even explain the feeling. We are so blessed with such amazing people that God has put in our life- and they pray for us daily! I know that we aren't alone and that God does have a plan through this stressful and trying time. We are doing our best in finding joy through this and just being there for eachother which is the most important thing of all. I have been blessed with an incredible Godly husband and I trust that through Christ leading him we will be just fine. Thanks for the love and support. We love you guys.

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