Friday, June 13, 2008

Save the animals!

I know I have talked about this before but it is something that is so close to my heart. I am a crazy animal lover and will go out of my way to save an animal if I have to. Please go to and check out their website. Many of you like myself most likely are not in a position to add one more furry thing to the mix but you can help financially! If you donate $75, you will save an animal (cat or dog) from being put to sleep by the pound. The Lange foundation is a no kill shelter that runs strictly off of donations. These people are amazing. I would love to go down there one day to visit the foundation and play with the animals but I would want to bring all of them home. If you are an animal lover like me, please go and save one!

All of these guys need homes!
They also have lab puppies and kittens!
Check them out!

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