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I have been so bad at blogging lately. I have been one busy girl! Let me see if I can recap:
Saturday Chris and I worked at mom and dads house. Chris put in all new door handles throughout their house. It looks awesome!
Sunday we went to dinner at the Brysons and were joined with the Dedmons. SO much fun! We are trying to get together once a month.
Monday I had my girls over for tea which was great. I love those girls to death.
Last night Chris and I went to the fair again with the fam. I think I have gotten my fix for the next two years. We had more good food, went to see the hypnotist again (my family dared me to to volunteer. I did but I didn't get picked, thank God!) PS. Megan's and my shirt are up because we got henna tattoos on our backs and they had to dry. The things you'll do for little sisters...
This morning during our prayer time at work we were alerted by sheep. They escaped from the house below and me being the animal freak went to try to herd them and it didn't work so the sheep dog came to the rescue. They're so cute. I want one.


Jennifer said…
you guys do rock our world... I think that is exactly why the picture fell :)
Can we do dinner again soon cause I had a blast :)

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