Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Tonight my sister, the samsvick girls and myself are here....on Sunset boulevard. We left this afternoon and are staying in a pretty sweet hotel. At check in the guy told me that he upgraded us to a suite. It's awesome, there are only 4 suites in the hotel and he gave us one of them. The guy is a little creepy but we're thankful for him upgrading us! We went to the Grove for dinner tonight and did a little shopping. It's so beautiful. We are here in LA for tomorrow, we are going to the taping of "So you think you can dance?" I got them sent to me last week and we decided to make a little girls trip out of it since we have to be at the first taping so flippin early. We are supposed to be going to two tapings tomorrow, the last one being the result show. Look for us tomorrow! I think it's on FOX at 9pm. I'll keep you posted. Stay tuned for some awesome pictures!

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