Tuesday, July 1, 2008

door # 3?

Here we are, another day...another week. Chris and I have been at complete peace these past couple weeks. We have finally put all of our worries and desires in our Creators hands and are trusting in Him with everything. What a difference it makes when you put yourself aside and let go of things we weren't in control of in the first place. Why did it take so long to figure out? We have been learning a lot and growing every day, to that we are thankful. My sweet husband goes in for an interview in the morning 9 am to be exact. If you read this before then, please be praying for him! We are excited and trust that God will open a new door in His perfect timing. We are hoping it is this door that we are at now, but if not we will continue to wait patiently. I will update more tomorrow as we get feedback. Be praying for us!

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