Monday, July 7, 2008

Girl's day!

Had such a great day today and I'm sure my fisherman of a husband is saying the same thing. I had an awesome girls day. Started out at Bible study which was so refreshing and uplifting. Megan and I went and got pedicures then we went to the mall with our momma and had fun shopping! Tonight was so much fun! We met up with mom Andrews and Aubrey for dinner at the Jazz Kitchen in Downtown Disney and had so much fun together. I am so thankful for the sweet family God has blessed me with. I could not ask for more! Mom, Meg and I are going to go do facials now. It's been a much needed beauty day! I miss my love but am happy because I know he is in Heaven out there on the water fishing. I'm sure he is still out there fishing with his dad as I type this. Can't wait to see him tomorrow night and hear all about their adventure!

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