Friday, July 4, 2008

summer nights

Yesterday was a lot of fun! I caught up with Jess for two hours over coffee which was great. I miss that girl and we most likely won't see each other again until September-October due to our traveling schedules! Chris dropped me off at mom and dads last night while he played volleyball so mom and I could ride bikes. Dad and I got mom to play the wii for the first time and we are never inviting her again because he rocks at it! She kicked my butt, I'm no longer pro. Once Chris got back he and dad bowled then smoked cigars while I made s'mores and then bowled again. I love summer. Riley cat spent the night over there since we will be at their house all day and didn't want to leave him home alone with the fireworks. He is a little needy.
Time to get this party started....Happy 4th of July!

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