Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Nashville, day 1

Chris and I are seriously on an awesome journey right now. We had the most wonderful time in Washington with his sweet family and said good bye to them this morning to catch our early flight out of Seattle to Nashville. We met up with mom, dad and Megan in Atlanta which was so fun! They were at the gate waiting for us when we arrived. We hadn't seen them for almost 2 weeks so it was a fun little reunion!I am laying in bed (in a water bed) here in Nashville, Tennessee where it is 1:15am and have the biggest smile on my face as I type this. There is no other place in this world more incredible than where I am right now. This place is the crown jewel of America. You have to come for yourself to find out what I am talking about. I guess that having some pretty awesome family members live here also helps make this place so special. I have to admit this, when we pulled in my aunt and uncles neighborhood we were so excited (obviously). Dad pulled the huge rental car in the driveway and we all hoped out with our bags in hand and walked up to their door. We noticed that their grass wasn't very green which was unusual, they put up a new fence and added lots of random things to the yard, not to mention there was a new car parked on some grass. It seemed really odd but we were too excited to really care so mom and I went and rang the door bell waiting anxiously for them to open the door. It wasn't until I got this really weird feeling that we were at the wrong house and then saw my uncle john through the trees waving his hands saying "you hooo over here!" Dad, Chris and Megan ran back to the car and mom and I about peed our pants all the way down the driveway and up to theirs. We've never done that in the 19 years of them living here!!! What a way to start the trip! We had GPS and everything!!! We are having the time of our lives!!!! It's hard for me to be in bed right now but I am so exhausted. My whole family (aunt, uncle, cousins....) are out in the hot tub right now cracking up, playing loud music, drinking beer, smoking cigars, telling stories....I'd do it all night if I could. We went to Cancun for dinner tonight. A family favorite. Stephanie, if you are reading this from Germany-we miss you! Wish you were here with us. We've been thinking of you and talking about you all night! (I'm sleeping in your room)! xo!- Tonight was also the kickoff to a week long of celebrating! We are celebrating my cousins wife's birthday and Chris'. They are exactly 3 days apart. I have so many stories so far about dinner but they are not "blogable". Sorry! GF and GM we are thinking of you guys and know that you would love to share this moment with us. We will toast to you tomorrow. Love you guys very much!
We are all so relaxed and truly are on top of the world right now. I am so happy!
Tomorrow is going to be amazing, I can't wait! Time to try to get some sleep!!!
PS. Weather is perfect!!!! It was 84 today, blue skies and no humidity! Did I mention that I love Tennessee?

Look who we found on our plane!

I was a little excited...
flying over Tennessee

we're here!!!

the fam at CANCUN minus Steph and Brandon

Happy Birthday to...

and the best husband in the world!!!

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