Thursday, August 14, 2008

Nashville, day 2

Day two in Tennessee. It was not easy waking up this morning but we had so much to look forward to. Justin and Brandon (cousins) crashed here at the house with all of us last night and this morning we all went to breakfast together. We went to the oh so famous and so very delicious Loveless Cafe'. They have the best breakfast in Nashville! We even saw the famous biscuit lady! After breakfast, Uncle John took us all around on a home tour. We saw Alan Jacksons house, Steven Curtis Chapman's beautiful home, Miley Cirus' old place and a couple others. It was awesome. The fam (the 5 of us) went off to Opryland and went to the huge mall out there. Chris was in Heaven again at the Bass Pro Shop. We had ourselves a great time out there. After Opryland we went to Franklin, Tennessee (which is the family favorite). It is the best little town. We went to another very cool mall called "The Factory" that is an actual very old factory with really cute little stores. Then....we went and drove all around looking at the houses, incredible houses! We went back to this one (pictured) that we looked at 3 years ago when they were being built and so badly wanted to buy....we all still want to buy it. If only the guys' job were here. Bummer! We came back to the house for a bit then were off again to Justin's house for dinner. He lives in Antioch, Tennessee which is about 45 minutes from where we are in Nashville. It was a great family dinner, the guys grilled out (BBQ'ed) and it was awesome! We all came back to the house here in Nashville and spent the rest of the evening outside with the tiki torches lit, music on, wine and cigars (again). We are having a blast. It is just so neat to be back here again. Every so often I really just have to take it all in. I dream of being here more often than I should and now that I'm here I am trying to soak it all in!
There are a couple pictures that I have to explain...
the 2nd one down really needs no explaining, mom spotted it after breakfast and we simply just could not resist.
picture # 7 & 8, we saw a lady the mall with the biggest most fluffiest bangs you have ever seen and then the longest mullet that exists. I swear, I wish I was brave enough to get a picture of it. The lady inspired mom and I so I brought some bangs down and she curled hers with her finger while we were in the car. We did our best. Our goal is to find mullet wigs by Saturday night so we can surprise our family with our new do's. I hope you enjoy them as much as we did. It took forever and we laughed for about 15 minutes straight.

breakfast at the Loveless with big B
2008 Parker family Christmas card
ha! just kidding, but we couldn't resist!!!

Me and my cocoa. I love her!

Chris' 2nd love

@ the Bass Pro Shop

my new look, whatcha think?



This is what you can buy for...


@ Justin's house for dinner

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