Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Our last day in Washington...

So here we are back in Newcastle with Aunt Judy and Uncle Dave and our last night in Washington. We had a great morning with grandma and grandpa. Grandpa made us a wonderful egg breakfast and once again we sat around the table and told some more stories. We did not want to say goodbye. It was tough, none of us like to say goodbye but we did with some tears and lots of hugs and went on our way. Grandma reminded me that we never say good bye, we say aloha. It helped make the departure a little easier, plus we get to see them again in a few weeks when they make their way down to California. We arrived back here with UD and AJ around 3pm and have had a really nice relaxing evening. Chris and I took a walk around their beautiful neighborhood and picked some fresh blackberries. Tonight we went to this gorgeous golf club for dinner. It was beautiful and so delicious! What a treat it was! Uncle Dave and Chris sat outside and smoked cigars, drank beer and watched the Angels/Mariners game. How perfect for tonight! We have had a fabulous trip in Washington and are sad to leave but we will be back. In all this trip has been a blessing. There is no other word to describe how wonderful it has been. The time we have spent with this precious family has been priceless and we will cherish it forever and ever. We are blessed.
On a sad note, we lost a sweet and dear puppy yesterday. Chris' long time family dog, Liza passed away yesterday. My heart is so sad tonight. I loved that dog to death as did everyone who knew her. I've cried enough today with leaving grams and gramps and little Liza. Mom, we want you to know that we toasted to Liza tonight over dinner. She now has her wings and is able to fly again with no pain!
Back to a happy note, it's time for bed so we can catch our early flight tomorrow morning to Nashville, Tennessee. I can't tell you how excited I am to get there. I feel like a little girl on Christmas Eve knowing that Santa is going to come. I am so excited!!!! We have a lay over in Atlanta and will be meeting mom, dad and megan there and..we're on the same flight onto Tennessee! Didn't even plan it!
See y'all in Nashville!!!

saying goodbye...

oh how I love them!



there they are

Oh, Uncle Dave...

Their backyard is beautiful!!
Newcastle golf course

our ballroom

I'm in LOVE with the hanging baskets around here

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