Saturday, August 9, 2008

Seattle day 1

We're here!!! Ahh it feels soo good to be on vacation! We arrived in Seattle about 10pm last night and were picked up by Uncle Dave and Aunt Judy. It has been so fun being with them. We stayed up last night and talked around the table with yummy little snacks that Aunt Judy made. Their house is so beautiful and comfortable. We just had a yummy breakfast made by Judy. It is overcast and raining today, its actually really refreshing and such a nice break from the heat. I'm so smart and forgot to bring long sleeves with me. We're just about to pack up and head off to Pikes Place and then go by his old house and be on our way to grandma and grandpas. We are so happy! I'll try my best to update later. There is no wireless at grandma and grandpas so we'll try to run by a little coffee shop to update you.
Mom and dad Andrews- UD and AJ say hello!!!!
Love and hugs from us!

on our way... he is a happy man!

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Jennifer said...

so happy you are having fun... We are watching beach volleyball and Drew was thinking of Chris!