Saturday, August 2, 2008

So you think you can dance

Whew! I think I have finally recovered from our little adventure in LA. Thursday was a looong day. We woke up and were at the CBS studios by 8:30am and got right in. Megan and Melissa were talking with the guy who works for the show and somehow talked him into giving us spots on the risers. We got our special wristbands and got to go in first. We had really good spots on the risers for the first taping. We were right above the judges which was fun. We had a couple hours in between taping so we went back to the Grove for a little shopping and some lunch. Went to Farmers Market which is so fun. We went back for the final taping, had to get there at 4pm and the taping didn't start until 6pm. It was live for back east. Megan and Melissa had the best spots on the risers and Cat Deely (the host) came up and stood next to them for a little bit. They got their cute little faces on TV. It was such a fun little adventure but oh so exhausting! I don't know how those dancers do it. Sounds terrible to me. I wish I had more pictures but they didn't allow cameras, phones, purses etc into the studio.

We loved this couch

The Grove

leaving the hotel

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