Monday, August 11, 2008

Washington day 3

The days here in Washington just keep getting better. Yesterday after our coffee shop stop to update the blog we headed off to the Wild Game Park. It is unlike anything I have ever seen before. It’s a huge park like setting with tons of wild creatures including prairie dogs, llamas, zebras, yaks, deer, bears, buffalo, rhinos, coyotes, lions, tigers…you name it we saw it! The best part about this park was we were in the car the whole time with the windows down and the animals run wild (in separate areas) and come right up to your car and let themselves in. It was amazing! I’ve attached some awesome pictures of some of the creatures that got up close and personal with us. My favorites were the bears and yaks. We had them smiling and waving at us. The yaks especially loved Grandpa. One buffalo caught me by surprise and wrapped his big black tongue around my finger which totally creped me out! After the animal park we went to a deli and grabbed some sandwiches and headed back to grams and gramps house for a little bit. They are such wonderful hosts, anything and everything you can think of they have here for us. After a little rest we headed out to Port Angeles and then onto Lake Crescent. It was a beautiful and peaceful drive and the lake was stunning. The views were breathtaking and so picturesque. Chris and I took a little walk along the lake while grams and gramps played a little checkers inside the lodge. It’s been a little chilly so we were all bundled up next to the fire. Dinner at the lodge was great. We celebrated Chris’ birthday again. (ha!) We have shared so many laughs and countless stories that have made us laugh and brought tears to our eyes. Grandma took me in the gift shop there at the lake (while the boys played cribbage) and insisted that I pick out a piece of jewelry and an ornament for our Christmas tree. She bought me a pair of beautiful sterling silver earrings with baby pearls and that were made by an artist in Seattle. I will cherish them forever. They have truly been treating us like kings and queens and we are doing our very best to return the favor to them. They mean so much to us and it is an incredible blessing to be here with them and making these memories that will last for a lifetime.
Once we got back to the house the boys played a couple more games of cribbage and grams and I went though some old photos which was really fun. Every time we talk about leaving them tomorrow morning we get sad and teary eyed because we don’t want it to end. Its times like now you wish you could freeze time and keep these days forever and ever. Family is precious and there hasn’t been an hour that goes by that I’m not thanking the dear Lord for the family that He has blessed us with. If you can’t tell, Chris and I are having an awesome and relaxing time on our vacation and can’t wait to see what’s in store next. Stay tuned as our journey is just getting started…..

Grandpas yak

He is so cute.

my friend, the buffalo

Lake Crescent

caught them in action

isn't she precious?

the boys playing cribbage

dinner at lake crescent

at the lavender fields

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