Wednesday, August 6, 2008

we're outta here!!!

Never in my life have I been so ready for vacation! Not even for the honeymoon. Chris and I have been working our butts off and definitely deserve this little get away that we have planned. We're flying out on Friday to Seattle for 5 days then off to Nashville for 5 days! Every time I think about this trip I get giddy and start counting down the hours to departure. We can't wait to see our family! We're going to spend time with his aunt, uncle and grandparents in Washington who are amazing and my aunt, uncle and cousins in Tennessee! If you know me, you know how nuts I am about Tennessee. I fell in love with it there when I was a little girl and every time I have leave I cry. It's a special place. I will be one happy girl next week!! We have so much to do before we leave but just wanted to update because I won't be blogging for a couple days. Stay tuned though, I am going to do my best to blog everyday about our adventure with pictures! See you in Seattle!

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