Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Cabo-day 4

Another day in Paradise! Nothing but pure sunshine and smiles. We had a nice breakfast in again and watched the huge waves roll in, went to the beach for a little bit, had lunch at the condo then went into town. We went to a new grocery store today, it's the main one in town. It was like Nordstroms compared to the other one we were going to in the ghetto! Chris bought a case of coronas for $2. We explored downtown San Jose Del Cabo and loved it. It's beautiful and so unique. Chris found some cuban cigars and is going to go back to barter with the guy some more. Hes trying to get a box for $80, should be interesting. After our little adventure we came back to the resort and swam in the pool for a couple of hours with our friends john and meg. We then decided that we were hungry again so we went back up to the condo for chips, cheese and salsa! Mmm! It's now our afternoon ritual, we're going to try to keep it goin when we come back home! After chips and salsa we went back on the patio and played a few more games of skip-bo, I am dominating this trip. Chris is about to throw the cards in the ocean. Tonight we celebrated our anniversary! We went to the restaurant that is here are the resort. It's outdoors and overlooks the pool and ocean, so beautiful! I had the best mahi mahi! After a delicious dinner we came back and watched our wedding video. We are so so glad that we had videographers. Watching our grandparents come down the isle, my dad singing, uncle dave dancing and being able to re live our wedding day when ever we want is priceless!!
I just got online and got an email from mom andrews asking if we have heard of the hurricane that is headed our way. We hadn't heard a word about and have seen no signs of one coming. There have been no winds and no more rain since last night. We're praying that we will beat the hurricane out! We'll keep you posted and keep us informed because we have no news around here!
Love from cabo!

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randy said...

Sounds like you two are having a great time in Cabo. Happy One Year Anniversary! Tell Chris to save a couple of those cuban cigars for his FIL.

Dad Parker