Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cabo- day 6

Today was long but oh so fun!! We got up early and went to another time share presentation deal. It was the most incredible resort!! We saw Oprah, Brad Pitt, Michael Jordan and a couple other peoples home who own where we were today. Breathtaking! It was definitely not hard to say no to the salesman although he tried to do a really hard sell with us. Just for going and saying no no no no we got a dinner cruise and a half day fishing trip. But..since the hurricane is on its way they have pulled all the boats out of the marina. We were bummed but my husband being the sweet talker that he is went up to the lady at the resort and asked if we could exchange our gifts that were no longer valid for certificates to the spa. She ended up giving us $200 to the spa and $100 to any restaurant on the property! Chris being the sweetheart that he is made reservations for me to get an hour and a half Swedish massage and a french manicure. It was the most amazing 2 hours ever!!! Never had a $50 manicure before today and probably never will again! After our time there we went and walked around downtown Cabo for a bit. Chris did some more bartering and got some more Cubans for he and dad. Then we went to "the office". Can't tell you how many people told us to check it out. We went for some drinks and it was definitely an experience. Lots of drunken men, girls flashing for the camera, drinking olympics...we had our drinks and left for dinner which was back at that amazing resort. Since we had $100 we could get whatever we wanted so we both started with a big glass of shrimp cocktail, Chris had 2 plates of sushi for dinner, I had the best enchiladas that were stuffed with lobster, sea bass and shrimp! Ahh to die for!! Then we each got different desserts, since our total came out to be $85, the waiter sent us home with a couple of mudslides to go! So fun! It was such an awesome night and a relaxing day.
As far as the hurricane goes, it is getting smaller. Woohoo! We got a note sent to our room today saying that we need to have our bags packed and ready in case it hits harder than expected but I think we will be just fine. As of tonight our flight is still on schedule to leave Saturday afternoon. It's pretty funny because the locals are getting the heck out of here, its just us americans left now.
That's all for tonight!
@ the office
Our view from dinner

Chris' sushi dinner!

Another hard day at the office..


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