Sunday, October 5, 2008

Day 2 in Cabo

We woke up to a perfect day. It was so exciting as we opened up our big plantation shutters to see what it looked like outside. Nothing but sunshine and gorgeous tropicalness. The roar of the ocean is nothing like we have ever seen or heard. The waves are huge and the water is crystal clear. We had breakfast on the patio and then headed back to the store to grab a couple more items. It was much more comfortable today since we could actually see where we were going and knew where everything in the store was that we needed. By the time we came back it was time for lunch and then we hit the beach! We're on a white sand beach that is just beautiful. We laid out for a while, went for a swim in the pool and then walked about a mile down the beach. I could sit in the ocean for hours. It's the perfect temperature and I can see everything around me so I know when a fish is coming! We went back by the pool and made lots of friends. We have about 8 new friends. 4 of them are from New York and are itallian, funniest people we've ever met. They were buying us drinks all afternoon at the swim up bar. Funky Monkey was the drink of the day. I felt like a funky monkey by the time we got out of the pool! Good times! We also met another young couple who we really like. What's funny is they both work for Enterprise! How do we always seem to find those kind of people?! They are 5 doors down from us so after we all had our afternoon naps and snacks they came over and we walked down the beach (a long walk!) to go to dinner. We went to a place called Zippers. Right on the beach, lots of fun and great fish tacos! We walked all the way back and decided we still wanted to hang out so they came back to our condo and had drinks and watched football. We are completely beat now, we're both a little sun burned and still trying to recover from yesterday. Can't wait until tomorrow! We're going to spend the afternoon with John and Megan at Cabo's main beach! Check out some pictures from the day. I had to limit them for the blog, we took tons!
---once again i am sorry if there are misspellings, i still dont know how to read spanish!---
airplane ride

the view from our room

our pool

Here she is..our 2008 Nissan Artura!

check out our American water

Our new friends John & Megan
Dinner at Zippers
(excuse my face, we were saying "queso!")

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