Monday, November 17, 2008


My second biggest fear in life is fire. I have been terrified of winds since I was a little girl because I know fire is always the result. Saturday was one of the scariest days. I was at my best friends beautiful wedding shower which was outside and I couldn't take my eyes off the sky. It got darker by the minute so I hurried home and packed up all we could in case my biggest fear came true. Riley, 5 bags of luggage and 3 boxes later along with all the pictures in the house and we were on our way to mom and dad parkers. We sat and prayed for protection over our home along with all the other homes that were in danger and the firefighters. I sat and cried as I watched homes, apartments and condos burn to the ground. I can't even imagine. Everything that you have worked so long and hard for, gone in just a minute. What a great reminder though that our homes, condos, apartments... aren't ours after all. God gives and takes away all according to His plan. Its hard to understand but one day it will all make sense. As we drove away from our house I prayed that we would get to come back but was instantly reminded that our home and everything in it has been a complete blessing from God and if He chose to take it all away, we would be ok. Its just stuff and sometimes that stuff becomes so important to us that we lose track of what really is important in life. Jesus, family, friends and love.
We're back home and all settled in. Thank you for your prayers. We're praying for those who didn't have a home to come back to....God will provide. He always does :)

the fire coming up over the hill

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Kelly said...

I am so happy that you and Chris are safe and that your house was not affected by the fires. God is good!