Monday, December 8, 2008

2008- warning: this is long!

So, tonight I went through and read every entry we have posted on our blog. We started this online journal in January and I am amazed tonight as I sit in my little leather chair in our office. It is so incredible to see how the Lord has worked in our life in 2008. It has been one of the toughest years to get through but we are SO thankful for it! As this year comes to a close we wanted to take time to look back and reflect on our trials, heart aches, blessings and answered prayers.
2008 started with the loss of my Pops. Words can't even express how much we miss him. I think of him all the time and want so badly to pick up the call and hear his voice one more time. We rest in peace knowing that Pops is with Jesus! He has met Him and seen Him face to face. That very though brings tears to my eyes. I can't even imagine the glory and joy my Pops is experiencing at this very moment! I know that he is shining down on us. I'm so thankful that he doesn't have to endure the aches and pain of this world anymore.. I know I talk about Pops all the time but he has left a mark on my heart that no one will ever be able to replace.
Moving on... (time to dry my tears)
Both Chris and I struggled with our jobs. We were both unhappy where we were. We weren't treated with the respect we deserved (along with many other things) and it took a while for God to take us out of the place. We learned patience and trust. Lots of time went by and the Lord opened the door for Chris first. We have been so blessed by his new job. It was so worth the wait. Gods plan is so much better than our own!! Finally in September the door at my job was closed and a new one opened. It's not what I had in mind but I can't complain one bit. I am a stay at home wife and a nanny on the side. I have been learning how to save money in the most simple ways. Its the simple things that are so exciting and help so much!
We celebrated our one year anniversary in October. We were blessed to be able to spend a week in Cabo San Lucas and enjoy God's beauty.
Two days after we got home from our anniversary trip we found out that we were expecting our first baby! Two weeks after that, I lost her. Our hearts broke and still hurt but we know that God is going to heal that hurt soon.
So now here we are on the 8th of December. Tonight, we are thankful, joyful, our hearts are at peace. We are completely blown away by the work that Jesus has done in our hearts this year!! There were so many dark days that we faced, things we feared and worried about. Each one of those things we held onto thinking that we could do it on our own and get through the circumstance. We were so wrong and we see that now! Each one of those fears and worried thoughts were not of the Lord! Fear is not of Him! It was the enemy trying to break us and get us down. God is on our side. Always has been and always will be. We are His and no one can take that away. No one can rob the joy or take the peace out of our hearts that He has given us.
We are going to shine His light and let the whole world see that we are living for the Risen King!
So as 2009 approaches we wait in expectation of how the Lord is going to work and show His face to us. We are ready. We cannot wait to see what He has planned. Please join us on this journey that we're on and continue to lift us up in prayer.
The Lord is at work! We pray that you know Him tonight and can claim His promises for yourself. We only have one life to live and it's a short one compared to the eternity that is before us. Our prayer is that you get right with Jesus before 2009 arrives. If there is something you need to do to get your heart in that spot-do it, if there is someone you need to forgive- forgive them, if there a question in your mind about eternity and you're wondering where you will go after your life here is through...close out this blog and get on your knees before Jesus. It's simple. All you need to do is ask Him to come into your life, ask Him to forgive you and worship Him!! He is waiting!! Don't live another day on this earth for yourself. We are here to be that light on the hill that shines for Jesus. I pray that we will all be in Heaven together one day. It's going to be amazing my friends. Words can't even describe the beauty and glory that is waiting for us. We are going to get to meet Jesus. I can't wait to crawl up in His arms and have Him hold me tight. It will be then that we get to hold our baby and be with my Pops again. Oh what we have to look forward to. There is work that needs to be done before that day comes. Go and get busy. Be exhausted for the Lord. Never give up on Him!

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