Monday, December 15, 2008


Chris and I are still looking for a new home church, we have found one that we absolutely love and it's also right down the street from our house. We've been going there for a couple months but still want to try a couple more that we've heard great things about. This past Saturday night Chris and I along with my family went to Rock Harbor. We've been hearing about this church for years and had never been. I've heard nothing but awesome things about it and we agree with all the "rave reviews". It is a church that truly loves Jesus and just wants to worship Him. They are doing a study on the Holy Spirit right now and it is very clear that it is a Spirit filled church. This is what we have been craving for the past year!! The Pastor gave a message on generosity. It struck a cord in my heart that goes deep. I am very passionate about giving. It is the best thing in the world. It was such a perfect message to be given this week, 10 days before Christmas where the world's focus is on "me me me, presents, goodies, I want that, Ohh I need this, that's pretty, wish lists"... No!!! That is not what this beautiful time of the year is about! It's not about me and you! Its about that sweet little Christ child, that is why we celebrate CHRISTmas! I was seriously convicted on Saturday night as I sat in that little black chair. Chris and I have been going back and forth on what to do for each other for Christmas. To be honest, there is nothing I want this year. I am so content with everything that we do have and I really can't bring myself to ask for someTHING. Sure there are things that would be nice to get that are pretty and would be fun to have but whats the point? To add one more thing to the list of things that we have? My heart has been aching for others this past year. I just want to give. We don't have much to give but what the Lord has blessed us with we want to give back. My Christmas present from Chris was given to me on Saturday night. There was an angel tree at church and I picked one off the tree. It was for a 20 year old girl who is pregnant. She wanted a baby bouncy seat and diapers. The Lord has a funny personality. He knows how much I have been struggling with seeing and hearing about all the pregnant women around me and yet He chose me to give a gift to this young, un-married pregnant woman for Christmas. It made me smile. I can't tell you the joy that Chris and I had going to Target to pick out this bouncy seat, diapers and wipes for this girl. I am praying for her and pray that it brings her and her baby as much joy as it gave us to give it away. I anxiously await for Christmas morning to come, I will be thinking of her and pray that she can feel Christ' love through that small gift. This is what giving us about, giving gifts that reflect Christ' love. We are to worship Jesus, not material things. That is so important! There was a song that we sang that night that I can't get out of my mind. This is the chorus: "To live for Christ I first must die to all the rivals in my life. Jesus, only you can satisfy!" This is my prayer for today: That this Christmas will be different. It won't be about getting the hottest new gadget or latest trend but it will be about giving to others with joy and no holding back. Give as Jesus did and does! Think about all those children around the world who have nothing, not even clean water! Sponsor a child this season, feed the homeless, help out a friend in need. Go and get busy for Jesus and do it in His name!! Forget about YOU this Christmas...

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