Thursday, January 29, 2009


Yesterday was such a special day. I had no expectations and no plans except for lunch with my mom and dinner with my hubby. I had a nice quiet morning, made a nice breakfast, went grocery shopping, got lots of nice calls and waited for my mom to come and pick me up for lunch. We went to a new restaurant in Orange called "Prime Cut Cafe'" (which is so fabulous!)...and much to my surprise my mom had planned a surprise party for me. We walked to the back and saw 12 of my really close friends waiting for me. It was a complete surprise and really really lifted my spirits. We had the best time at lunch. I am so blessed with such incredible friends. The love I felt yesterday is indescribable. My mom treated us all to lunch and also had a delicious cake from Zovs for all of us. The Lord has blessed me with such amazing parents. The center piece at our table was a gorgeous flower arrangement that my daddy sent me. He is in New that was special. After lunch I snuck away by myself and got a pedicure then went to Maggianos with Chris for dinner. He took me on a little shopping spree then we went back to mom and dads for a little American Idol. It was one of my best birthdays yet. Thank you mom and dad for everything, thank you to my sweet friends who were so kind to think of me and call yesterday, and thank you Jesus for my amazing husband. 23 years down....lots more to go! (hopefully!)

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