Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Finally free..

from cords that is! We got wireless internet last night...finally. My laptop and I have been stuck to the desk in the office for the past 15 months. Last night Chris asked if I wanted to get a wireless router and I jumped up and down "yes! yes! yes" so we headed off to target. We bumped into our good friends Erin and Jeff and they were there buying me a wireless router for my birthday. It was the best surprise ever. She knows how I was going crazy sitting in my chair and not being able to move when I wanted to go online. Plus, we all skype together and Jeff wanted to see our house. So last night he got the tour via skype and our new wireless connection. I know this sounds so lame but its a big deal to me. I am sitting here typing this rambling blog in my big comfy chair in our living room with my kitty sitting next to me. Its so nice to be free!

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