Saturday, January 24, 2009

new obsession!

Chris and I got a web cam for our laptop this week and have entered the world of Skype! My family in Tennessee has had it forever and last weekend when we were playing around on a mac computer we fell in love with the idea of seeing each other when we talk. parents now have a camera and my grandparents are in the process of getting one also. If you don't have a web cam then hurry and close out this blog and run to the closest Target and pick one up! We got ours for $40! Then hurry home and go to and download it. (Its free!) It takes about 2 minutes. Make your log in name and ta da you are now in the world of web cam! Oh and look us up...we are under Nikki Andrews or candnandrews. Its amazing. We're hoping our whole family will soon be part of this...Enough about talking about it, We're off to skype- see you there :)

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