Wednesday, February 25, 2009

growing and growing

Not a lot to update on. I am still fighting nausea really bad but oddly enough I am thankful for it. I'm now reaching 7 weeks so that means our little bean is now the size of a tic tac! Wow! So sweet. I talked to my nurse tonight and got my results back from my blood test. She said that everything looks great, my numbers were 60,000 and said there is no need to do anymore blood. Yeah! I was nervous all day. 5 more days and we get to see the peanut again!! This thing called pregnancy is nuts, it seriously messes with your body and mind. I find myself getting mad over dumb things and crying over the most pathetic things. I'm so sorry if I start crying on you for some reason....bare with me. Chris is learning too :) Lets pray the next 8 months fly by.

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