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oh boy....oh's a GIRL!

Yes, you're just as surprised as we are!! We the Andrews are expecting a sweet little baby GIRL and could not be more thrilled!! Katelyn Marie Andrews is a modest little one (her dad is happy about that) So here is how we found out...I had to go to the radiology department this afternoon to have my cervix checked to make sure that all is well. While I was sitting the waiting room I was praying that I would get the same tech I had at my 8 week ultrasound. She was so sweet and so knowledgeable. I didn't even know if she was working today but I was praying! (sometimes some of the techs can be a bit harsh so you want to get a good one.) They called every body's name and I was the last one in the room and the girl I had been praying for came out and called my name!!! I did my yippee/ Praise you Jesus dance all the way to the ultrasound suite and told her how happy I was to have her, she even remembered me! She checked my cervix (all looked great to me) and she asked if I knew what I was having so I went into my story of what we've been through but didn't tell her what the others places said that we're having. I told her that we didn't know but we're dying to find out. She said she would definitely check once the scan was done...I layed and watched the babe move all around while the tech was taking measurements of everything and pointing out all the body parts to me including the kidneys, stomach, cerebellum, etc...amazing!!! Then she does down and the legs are spread eagle and bam! 3 little lines! It's a girl!!! It was such a sweet moment. Only thing that was missing was my hubby but it didn't take long until he got the news. He is so excited about his baby girl! I am just amazed at how the Lord works. Here we had been working so hard to find out the sex of our baby, I was doing crazy things to make sure the legs wouldn't be crossed and the day I least expected it and didn't have to do anything or pay a penny is when we found out! It was the best surprise we've ever gotten! We are all thrilled to pieces!! 5 more months and we will be holding our baby girl!!! It's time to shop and start her room!!! Life could not get any better! Thank you Lord for this little angel! As my dear friend Ruth said to me today, I have a precious baby girl in Heaven and now have one here with us on Earth! So sweet. We can't wait to meet you and kiss your little cheeks baby Kate!!!

Ok onto some pictures...

introducing our little princess

It's a GIRL!
...little feet...
can't wait to hear them pitter patter down the hall!


Ruth said…
SO excited for you and Chris!! Kate is very blessed to have you both for parents, and you will be blessed with her! PRAISE GOD!!
Jamie Fingal said…
Call this blessed excitement. It's a girl. I am so happy for you both. When can we go shopping?

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