Sunday, April 26, 2009

Vegas part II

We are home sweet home from Vegas! It was a great weekend, so good to get away together but there is nothing like coming home!! Yesterday was super relaxing. We went to the Paris resort which was right next to our resort for breakfast and then did lots more walking around the strip. We spent a couple of hours walking to the different resorts and browsing the windows of the over priced fancy stores. Once our legs turned to jello so we went and lounged by the pool for a couple hours and then went back up for a nap. After my much needed 2 hour nap we went back to the Bellagio for an afternoon crepe. Let me just tell you, its a really good thing we don't have that chocolate shop anywhere around here. It was amazing!!! The largest chocolate fountain is there and it is the best chocolate you have ever tasted! We had a raspberry crepe with fresh whipped creme. I wanted to just park it there and try everything!!! What? I can't help it, the baby wanted it! ;) We once again did some more walking and got ready for dinner. I was super excited about dinner because we were meeting up with everyone from Chris' firm, including the two partners. We went to Jimmy Buffets Margaritaville, wow that place is fun! Thought of my dad the whole time. The firm had 5 huge tables packed with employees and their family members. We had a blast. I had so much fun meeting his coworkers and getting to know them. I met his two boss' and love them! I instantly become BFF's with one of them, and they made it very clear how much they love Chris. I can't even begin to describe how much joy filled my heart last night. I couldn't (and still can't) stop thanking the Lord for blessing my husband with this job. Not only is it a way better environment for him and us to be in, the way they love and respect him and his hard work is what I have been waiting for. They cherish him! They even gave us a special little extra gift on top of the whole weekend that they treated us to! It was the perfect way to end our weekend away. We left after breakfast this morning, stopped at Victoria Gardens on the way for lunch and some shopping. We're home, clean and settled looking forward to a great week!!

Overlooking the Bellagio


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