Saturday, April 25, 2009

Viva Las Vegas

Yeah, the title cracks me up because we are so not the Vegas type of couple. We are here in sin city for the weekend with Chris' firm. They sponsored the whole weekend for us to show their appreciation to the employees (all 26 of them) for working so hard during tax season. We're at an awesome resort (Planet Hollywood) and we also have an awesome view (38 floor!) Lets pray Vegas doesn't get earthquakes! Yesterday we walked around a few of the resorts and did some shopping. We decided that we wanted to go to the buffet at our hotel for dinner. Its apparently voted the best buffet in Vegas....yeah $30 a person! It was a little disappointing. I hardly ate, but the dessert section was amazing!! We had some pretty tasty crepes! Mmmm! Baby Andrews was a fan. We were so tired and were back in the room and in bed by 8pm. How is that for a city that never sleeps? We're having a great time but its heartbreaking to see the filth. In filth I mean the selling of one anothers body to make money. I can't believe all the men and women who are selling themselves short and have no self respect. Sad! Vegas is packed this weekend, all the resorts are sold out. Tonight Britney Spears is in town and so is Kenny Chesney along with Cher and a handful of other entertainers. Looking forward to today! We're going to do a little shopping and hang out at the pool before we meet up with everyone for dinner!

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