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We're having a....

Boy? Girl? Not sure! That is how our day was yesterday. I'm so glad that the Lord gave us humor through it all. We went to an ultrasound place at 11am yesterday morning in Costa Mesa. We went in soo excited. I drank my cold apple juice just like I was told to do, laid on the bed and waited with great anticipation to hear if we are having a son or a daughter. We waited and waited...watched the baby move all around, suck the thumb, and then baby andrews fell asleep! Not only did our baby fall asleep on us after all that orange juice and walking around but "he" fell asleep with the legs crossed! I got up and did some more walking up and down the stairs to try to wake "him" up...nothing. Sugar must not be "his" thing because it sure didn't work! We were upset (I was more upset of course because of these crazy hormones) so we left and went to Rubys for lunch. I ordered anything and everything that I could possibly think of to wake this child up. I started with a cold cup of cherry regular coke. Y'all know how I don't like coke... yuck. Then I ordered the spicy cheese sticks. It was torture to myself but we thought it might do the job. After lunch we went to grandma and grandpas house and hung out with them for a little bit...ate some Double Stuffed Oreos and Sees candy. We hurried back to the ultrasound place with a leap in our step hopeful that we were about to find out whats kicking in me! I lay back down (starting to feel my sugar rush). We see the babe waving to us and moving around a little bit and then...falls asleep again!! The lady had me go back and so the stairs for 5 minutes and do a couple jumping jacks. I felt ridiculous doing it and by that time I wish we would have just left. I was so exhausted and I think I wore the babe out. I laid back on the table and the legs were still crossed and still sleeping. So we left and I was crushed. Chris and I planned to have a "Pink or Blue" party that night with our whole family to surprise them. We were so excited and so were they. I felt like I let them down. I called my mom upset telling her that we don't know what her grand baby is so she got online and started calling every ultrasound place in Orange County. She found one locally and made us an appointment for 5:30pm. We waited around patiently. Let me just say that the Lord gave us a peace that could only come from Him. I was so upset and He took that away from me. We went to our last appointment at 5:30 again with so much joy and hope. It was an amazing experience, we got to see our baby in 4D and see the facial features. Its truly a miracle to see how much is formed by this young age. The sweet ultrasound tech tried soo hard to tell what our baby is but that little one still had the legs crossed and the umbilical cord was now in the way. We told her about our party and so she looked some more.. I laid there and prayed then would look up and see the baby and then pray some more.. At the end of the ultrasound she said "well I'm really sorry that we don't know but if I were to guess do you want to her what I think" "Yeah!!! Anything! Give us a guess!" She said that she would say its a boy. We did not see any evidence of boy parts but we took it and had a "blue" party. The tech told us to combine them and have a purple party and then throw our party again in a couple of weeks when we go to confirm. So with that being said, we are learning towards baby andrews being a boy but we aren't going to say anything until the 28th of this month. We are so excited! I thank the Lord for filling us with peace and excitement this morning. Its like a never ending surprise! And in the Lord's perfect timing we will know!!!
Pictures coming soon, stay tuned! PS. we got a really great DVD of the ultrasound that we were able to show our family last night so they could see how much baby andrews is growing. So fun!!


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