Saturday, May 30, 2009

Cabo, day 1

We made it! Getting here sure is a hassle but we made it to our resort around 3pm and got all settled. It was a MUCH better experience than it was when we were here 7 months ago. We got a sweet Jeep for the week and are staying at possibly one of the nicest resorts in Cabo. Its a Hilton and we all feel like we've died and gone to Heaven. I can't even wrap my mind around what Heaven is going to be like. I sure hope its like Cabo! :) Anything and everything you can think of, this resort has. And the best part is the resort is basically empty. Our condo is overlooking a huge gorgeous pool. I've posted some pics but will try to get better ones tomorrow. The pool is huge and there is an enormous swim up bar with big comfy bed like lounge chairs surrounding it. The pool next to us is a raised infinity pool so it looks like it drops right off into the ocean. We're totally blown away. The weather is perfect as is everything else. We are all so relaxed already. We're just so thankful for this time away, it was much needed! Not much else to update...Chris and I have our own suite off the main condo and it's awesome. We have our own little kitchen and the bathroom is bigger than our master suite at home! The jetted bathtub overlooks the ocean. I took a bath tonight and watched fireworks go off over the ocean. Does it get much better than this? I think Kate is already a fan of Cabo. She kicked the whole way here on the flight and has been a very busy girl today. We are happy and blessed. Can't wait to see what the week has in store! Enjoy a few pictures that we took upon arriving today...
Once again, we are in Mexico and my computer has switched to spanish settings and so I'm sorry if there are spelling errors. One day I will learn Spanish well enough to translate all my mistakes :)

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