Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Lord is our strength

Hmm. I don't even know where to start as I sit here and try to explain what it is we are going through right now. Let me start off by proclaiming that the LORD IS GOOD!!! He continues to cover us with His peace and his Grace, we are amazed. I had my monthly check up this morning and had a great appointment! Little Kate has a strong heartbeat in the 160s and is actually measuring a couple weeks ahead of schedule! Woah! My nurse asked if I had any questions so I gave her my list, just a couple concerns I had. One being the cyst on my ovary, it has flamed up this past week and is causing me great pain. I also asked how my ultrasound came back from two weeks ago on my cervix. She said that they had not received anything and she would call to get the results. I went on with my day thanking Jesus for a great appointment and went to spend time with my parents. We were out to lunch when I got a call from my nurse, a call I was not expecting to get nor was I ready for. She told me that my cervix is pretty normal right now but that they are going to check it once a month to make sure it doesn't shorten any more. She then went on to tell me that our baby has a cyst on the left side of her brain. What?! Are you sure you have the right girl? I asked what that meant because I had no clue. She went on to tell me that it is a marker for down syndrome. I did my best to be strong on the phone with her but when I hung up I absolutely lost it in Red Robin. My biggest fear since I was a child was having a child with downs. It has been Chris' also. My first reaction was to freak out with fear. My parents prayed over Kate and I and since then my heart and mind have been at ease. When I told Chris the news he was really calm and the Lord instantly filled him with peace. He was able to calm me down and encourage me so much! I can't tell you the peace that we have tonight. All of the phone calls, emails, texts with your prayers and love have meant so much. It has been confirmed to us that this cyst is a work of the enemy who knows our weakness and our fears and is trying to steal our joy! It's not going to work!!!! Our God is so much greater and He will prevail! Kate is our greatest blessing from the Lord and it is He who is knitting her together and doing it perfectly!!! We are going back next Friday for an extensive ultrasound and it is then when they will take all the measurements and look for other markers but we know they will not find any. Our prayer is that the cyst on her brain will be gone next week!!! We have great Faith and our joy has not and will not be robbed! This just makes us stronger and is another reason to spend more time in prayer with our Creator. Please be praying for us this next week that the thoughts of fear, anxiousness and discouragement will be gone! Thank you in advance for standing in the gap for us. Just 5 more months until we get to meet this little peanut!
Here is a great verse that my mama syl sent as a reminder for me this afternoon..
"Call to me and I will answer you and show you great and unsearchable things you do not know" Jeremiah 33:3

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Lauren Robuck said...

Though Downs is a tough thing to comprehend and accept, kids with Downs are the most loving, caring, inspirational individuals! You guys will get through it no matter what God has graced you with! I will continue to pray for you and Chris!