Saturday, June 13, 2009

busy bees!

I'd just like to announce that Chris and I are kicking butt on our house. We have been doing something everyday to get things done around here. Our goal is to have all of the "major" things done before our bundle of joy arrives in 4 short months. This is our list.... (also check out our bucket list a few posts down..)
  • Install new garage door and master bath door (both have been ordered)
  • Paint the nursery (happening this week)
  • Have crown molding installed (happening this week)
  • Plantation shutters (happening next week)
  • Set up the nursery (happening next weekend!)
  • Tear out old and gross bathtub (next month)
  • Buy new tub and stone for bath (next month)

So that is basically it along with the everyday obsession I have with nesting and making sure everything is "perfect" around our house. I am a terrible neat freak, I know I will have to loosen up when Kate comes but I absolutely love a clean house, clean laundry and a pretty garden.

I can't tell you how excited we are about Kate's room. My dad came up this past week and primed the room, its all covered in plastic just waiting to be painted in "Petal". We moved all of the furniture out that was in there and I've been a selling machine on craigslist. I will be posting pictures this week on Kate's blog of the progress of her room. Riley is very upset about us taking away his "lounging room". He misses sitting on his couch and staring at himself in the TV. We find him sitting in the middle of her room crying. Its pathetic but hilarious at the same time. This next week will be a huge week of progress at our house!! Stay tuned for some fun updates! :)

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