Monday, June 1, 2009

Cabo, day 2

Sunday was what Sundays are supposed to be about, a day of rest! We slept in, had some breakfast and headed out to the pool. There were probably 5 people out there max. It is so quiet around here. We're at a huge Hilton resort and they say its only 40% occupied. Sweet! The pool is the best thing you've ever been in. It almost feels like a river, it winds around every corner and it's an infinity pool. So fun. We did that for a couple of hours, then went up to the condo for lunch and headed to downtown Los Cabos. We putted around here for a bit and I was ready to leave in the first 5 minutes of being there. We were at the marina and apparently there was some big carnival fiesta thing going on and the main event was the "cock fights". Let me tell you, worst thing ever! Such a terrible sound of those poor roosters. I dont like roosters but I felt so bad. I don't know if it was my motherly instincts coming out or what but I was terrified. The boys found the boat that they are going fishing on and we left. We then went to 2 different coves for snorkeling. We were just scoping out today....going back another day to actually snorkel. After all of that Chris and I went back to our pool and swam for a bit. We are already like jello. We both commented on how much we needed this rest. We've had so much on our hearts and minds this past month and so much work to do when we get home to prepare for our little bundle that we are so grateful for this week away. Thank you Lord! His timing is so perfect. We couldn't have picked a better week to get away but He knew we would need this break when we booked this trip 6 months ago. Once we all got cleaned up we hit the road to downtown Cabo. We were told to go to "Ponchos" for dinner. So glad we took the recommendation, it was fabulous!! It was an open air authentic mexican food restaurant and we were all very happy with our choices. Iwish I could insert scents into the blog so you could smell how wonderful it was. The smells were amazing! After dinner we walked around downtown for a bit, we're looking forward to coming back and hitting the beach there. We had a pretty mellow night. Came back to our condo and the boys got their fishing things together for their big adventure in the morning, we skyped with some family members (always fun!) Chris and I played skip-bo on our balcony and then it was time to hit the hay! Another day in paradise, another blessing from above...

Chris, and his "catch of the day"

Swimming & the view of part of our resort from the beach

The gang at "Ponchos" for dinner!

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